Survey Cost Estimator

Survey Cost Estimator

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General survey information and related parameters

    General tips
  • Please enter all the requested information in the general section. The parameters are important inputs to estimate costs and related values in the next sections
  • place your mouse on [more hint] of each corresponding parameters if you need more tips or clarifications
  • Use the step by step guide found on the side section if you need further clarification on how to estimate your cost sections
  • The cost estimation mainly focuses on the one time cross-sectional data collection cost estimation for survey
  • please use your country local or survey country currency for estimating a given variable cost estimation

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Personnel information cost related parameters

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(face to face interview duration)
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( use the average time from your previous experience)

(face to face interview administrators)
[more hint ]
(calculated average study time in hours)
Data Collectors
[more hint ]
(Time for data collectors and other personnel bellow is calculated from the above study period )
Local Guides
Research Associatess
Questionnaires developers
[more hint]
(Number indicate the number of questionnaire developers )
Data managers
IT-Technical assistants
Data Clerk

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Electronic form/Software Developer
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Total personal cost for paper based tool

Total personal cost electronic based tool

Material cost information and related parameters

Tablet computer
Desktop computer
some more tool tip information to hide and show
Software Purchasing cost
[more hint]
Printing cost
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The term printing indicate per-page cost for printing or duplication or copying pages of a questionnaire.
Consumable & others
(The consumable costs which are marked with red color are estimated from the given inputs from the previous pages. You do not need to enter any input to this section )
Consumables for paper based survey
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Assumed electronic-based consumables cost
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Communication and Internet cost for paper based survey
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Communication and Internet cost electronic based survey
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Paper: Total Material Cost

Electronic: Total Material Cost

Training cost information and related parameters

(In this section we include training cost only the main survey team members for data collection. The payment methods for training section is a perdiem to cover the food and accommodations the trainee and trainer cost per an individual trainee per day.)

Paper and pen tool
Data collectors Number : Per diem : Total:
Supervisors Number : Per diem : Total:
Trainer Number : Cost per trainer : Total:
Electronic tool
Data collector Number : Per diem : Total:
Supervisors Number : Per diem : Total:
Trainer Number : Cost per trainer : Total:
Traning for technical asistant Number : Per diem : Total:
Total Training Cost Paper

Total Training Cost Electronic

Comparative estimated cost for paper and electronic based tool

  • Click the calculate , Display graphs and Summary buttons according to their order to see the comparative costs , graphical description and summary information
  • Please click once again all the buttons if you alter any values in the parameter to the the effect of changing the variables for cost difference please click all the buttons o

Paper and pen based survey

Electronic based survey

Personal Cost
Material cost
Grand Grand Total Cost
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Differentials Total Cost
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Line and Pie charts for graphical representation of costs

(The line graphs describe the differential cost estimation for Specific to paper or electronic tool as a function of sample size. While the donuts chart is the graphical representation of the calculated comparative costs )
(Click the update graph button if you want to change some of your inputs in the other sections to re-estimate your costs and see the graphs under different circumstances. )
Figure 1: Differential cost estimation analysis assumes that costs of printing and data entry recur at a fixed rate for a paper interview study. It is assumed that for timely completion of the study, an additional team will be added for both paper and tablet interview studies of more a certain level of interviews. This imposes a device-specific additional cost for the tablet (non-linear stair), but no additional device-specific cost for the paper based data collection.
Figure 2: The graph describe the percentage of total costs for each categories of parameter (personal, material and training related costs in both paper and electronic based survey tools. The grand grand total costs are described in the core of the Doughnut followed by (electronic inside and paper outside) circles.

Summarized survey comparative cost estimates

Click the Summary button to see the short summary of cost estimates

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